Recent Fire Damage Before & After Photos

Fire Damage That Ravaged Great Room Is Restored By SERVPRO

The great room suffered heavy smoke and soot damage but we were able to successfully clean up the affected surfaces. The homeowner was grateful to get back to w... READ MORE

SERVPRO Can Help In Any Fire Damage Situation

SERVPRO can help in any fire damage situation. In many cases families and businesses face smoke and soot throughout the home contaminating the structure and be... READ MORE

When Fire Attacks Your Home

This multi-family home was vandalized and a product of arson. The combination of arson and vandalism ended up causing damage to all three of the floors. Our Fir... READ MORE

Fire Cleanup

The exit light shows a phenomenon called soot webs. These soot webs form when ionized (i.e. has an electric charge) soot particles stick together in chains. The... READ MORE

Fire Damaged Candlesticks

These beautiful candlesticks, pictured above, suffered damage in a fire located in Northwest Indiana. We were able to clean the soot from the metal and the crys... READ MORE

Precious Memory from a Fire

The statue in the picture was affected by a fire in a home in Portage, Indiana. With careful cleaning, we were able to give back a memory. Every item and every ... READ MORE